Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tomato Plants

I have dabbled in growing a vegie garden over the last several years.  I get all enthusiastic at the start, and put in a lot of TLC.  Then, I think I get side tracked, and move on to other projects.  The garden struggles on,  doing what nature can, but the hot summer sun finishes it off the lack of care it receives and I end up without much yield.  So, this year, I wasn't even going to bother.  (Un)fortunately, I was given some tomato seedlings from my father-in-law, a few weeks ago.  Therefore I did the right thing and planted them up.

I decided also, that I wanted some more colour in the back yard.  So I painted the tomato stakes yellow.  I thought this would contrast nicely with all the tomatoes spilling out of the pot.  Yes, I am putting them in a pot, so I can see them from the kitchen window (to remind me to water them), plus they will be protected from the hot northerly winds we get through the summer.

Any way, I digress.  So I found some old tomato stakes and some yellow poster paint I had in the cupboard, and organised unpaid help to paint them.

Meanwhile, I planted the tomatoes, and some other flowering seedlings into 2 galvonized containers (after I had drilled a few holes in the bottom).  The flowering seedlings I think are Petunias, but I really don't remember, and as long as they sprout lots of flowers, I really dont mind what they are.  They could also be Pansies.

Flowering seedlings of some description

Tomato vatieties (they don't look well though, do they??)
Well, I am proud to say, that a month down the track, look how my garden grows (I am saying this with a puffed out chest and a big grin on my face)

Flowering seedlings

flowering seedlings


and just because I can, here are the before and afters


and After

Maybe I will follow through to the end this season??  Only time will tell.

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