Friday, 15 July 2011

Stuck Screw

Ok I think it is well established that I am in no way a "handyman", but 'Google' is my friend.

I was pulling apart an entertainment unit

This one to be exact.  (Boy a lot has change in that room, I will have to do some updated pictures)

It was nice when we first bought it, but it is solid wood, and very heavy, and it is deep (we had it custom built to fit an ancient TV - which I got for free).  It took up so much floor space.

Any hoo, I have big plans for the unit, and I was trying to get the top of it off.  I had unscrewed all the screws except for one.  It was stuck big time, and I couldn't budge it.  I asked my darling husband it he could have a look at it, and he said he would, but never did.  He didn't agree with me pulling it apart, so this was his way of protesting.  Anyway, my new found determination has given me the courage to push on. 

I tried a bit of WD40 as recommended by one website, but no luck. 

Then I read that tapping the end of the screwdriver while in the screw, could loosen the screw.  What do you know.  One little tap and the screw twisted out as easy as you please.  That is one little tid bit I am going to remember. 

Thats it for today, no lovely photos.  But let me just say, I have been very busy and I have improved the look of two rooms.  I will post some photos soon