Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Master Bedroom Light

A week or so ago, I was walking through Bunnings (a home improvement/hardware store) and was blinded by bling.  Unfortunately I only had my phone with me, and the photos don't do justice as to the amount of sparkle theses light fittings had but let me just say I needed sunglasses!

Although not a bad price at $169, I decided that I could make one cheaper.  So I used the above photos as inspiration.  Walked down the aisle a bit and found myself a drum shade for $25.

Before, I go on I want to show you what I had before.

Yes, there it is the $5 plastic shade from the builders. 

I had upgraded to this shade, which I bought, and loved.  In fact I still love it, it was just too small for the space.  It is now in the main toilet, and looks great there I must add. :-)

And, so onto the drum shade.  It fits in the space beautifully

 And I love the linen texture.

I slept on this for a day or two trying to figure out what I was going to hang chrystal beads off.  Then I remembered I had a perfectly good shade on a disgraceful brass touch lamp (that was broken - the base had come apart).

I dismantled the shade.

and attached the left over rings to my drum shade with wire.

The wire I decided looked ugly.  I ended up buying 1 metre of chain and spray painted the rings and chain white.  I then attached that to the drum shade.  I ended up turning what would have been the top of the dismantled light, upside down.  I don't have any pictures, but I strung my own beads with fishing wire and attached these to the centre ring. 

I bought the beads from Spotlight (a crafting store) (for about $40) and asked assistance from the staff, on how to best string the beads, the were very helpful.  But I am sure if you google stringing beads or jewelry making, you would find some helpful tutorials.

I'm not sure that I liked the look of my light fitting at this point, but I hadn't done anything that couldn't be removed.  I wanted to do something similar to the outside ring, as per my inspiration light fitting, and have lots of chrystals dangling down.  But it was going to cost me a small fortune to buy all the beads, and it would have been cheaper to buy the inspiration light fitting.  Hmmmm

I could buy some necklaces.  As it happened I walked into a charity shop today and found a necklace that had some beads, but not enough for what I wanted.  For $7 I bought the necklace and decided I would just keep my eyes open for more beads.

In the meantime, I got thinking, because the necklace had chain links, then rather than restringing the beads, I could somehow attach the chain to my light.  I draped the necklace over the outer ring, just to see how it would look...

 ... and that is where it stayed.  I think it looks great.

Inspriation Light ($169)

 My Original Version ($72) Which could be done cheaper if you had lots of costume jewelry floating around.

I just hope Hubby likes the bedroom bling 

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  1. I think it looks great! Plus it is something you can always add to as you find a pretty piece to add more bling. have a good day.

  2. So pretty! I can see why the original fixture caught your eye...and you've done a beautful job recreating it!

  3. Love it, bling makes everything better :)

  4. Nice tutorial. I like the way you upcycled stuff you had, and also how you let us in on your thought process. Thanks. I found you at Handy Man Crafty Woman.

  5. This looks great. I love finding item that I love that are out of my price range and recreating them myself. I saw your post on Blue Cricket Designer. Great job!

  6. Great job!! Very Creative! Your newest fan!!

  7. This is neat! So creative. I really like your version. New follower here. Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party going on right now :)

    Have a great week!!

  8. You are so creative! Great I can get rid of all those booby lights. I'm a new follower too.

  9. What a fun idea. I am totally inspired. Now I have to decide which room to make one of these in... :)

  10. You did an amazing job with your shade. Our Bunnings doesn't have such cute lampshades, but I did drool over some of Beacon's chandies this weekend:)God bless x

  11. Great idea! What a fun way to add a little bling to the bedroom! I'd love to have you come and link up your creativity to the Head to Head Showdown at ~Jen

  12. Seriously this is really a gorgeous light. You sure added bling with it, but not over done. You should get a patent for this, cause it's going to be big. Thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best.

  13. Bling it out baby!Thank you so much for linking up your lovely project at Get Schooled Saturday. We will be open for business again Friday night-Sunday night!
    Kim @ Too Much Time