Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ok its Official..."I'm a Wally"

I've lost our DSR camera. I had all these great "before" photos on it, of our rental property we are getting ready to sell.  And now that we are at the pointy end, and I am gearing up to take the "after" photos, I can't find the camera.

I have looked high and low, near and far.  I have obviously put it down in the most ridculous of places.  Argh ... so frustrating.

Then the other night I backed the car out of a car park, straight into another vehicle. Yeah sure, most of us have done something like that.  But the car I was in, had a reversing camera.  Thats right I watch myself back into another car.  Fortunately, only my car came off second best, and that was a fairly minor scratch.  But seriously...I am astounded at my stupidity.

On a lighter note, here is another ebay find

This one was only $5.50, I am a very happy with that.

The dining chairs I showed you last post have been transformed.  I can't wait to show you all.  I was going to sell them and try and make a little profit, but I like them too much now. 

I will show you the photos... when I find my camera.

Take care

Sunday, 1 April 2012

April fools day - no fools here

A lot has been going on in "the Hallway" lately.

The rental property I discussed last time, has been vacated and we have had a look.  It is safe to say we were very disappointed with the way the property was left.  But that is a whole other post.  And I want to get some after photos, before I show the "before" photos

We have managed to get a good start on the property, but the next two weeks I am somewhat preoccupied.  Why? I hear you ask.  Good question.  I start a new job tomorrow, and I have two weeks of (intense) training to get through.

I am super excited about this job, it is a work from home position, which is something all "mums dream off, isn't it?  Well, it is for me.  The role a health advice hotline or nurse triage.  But it means there isn't the long 1 hour commute that I am was doing.

On to the serious stuff.

I have bought some great bargains on ebay this week. These are all ebay listing photos, so excuse the varying quality.

Yep, my love of baby blue/duck egg blue continues.  At $25, it was a little gift for me, from me.

 I didn't really need the dining chairs, but for $15 for the 6, I couldn't let them get thrown out. Thats $2.50 a chair, I would only have been robbing myself if I didn't get them.

 Not really a bargain, but I got 8 lights for $120.  I have seen them for around $100 for 1 light.  These are to replace the broken ones at our rental... hmmm, thats for the above mentioned "other post".

I am still devastated, I didn't win this beauty

at $53, turns out this was a bargain, I just didn't know it.  Anyway, I will just need to keep my eyes opened for something similar.

Until next time...