Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year

Yeah, all right I am a little late.  But I have a good excuse.  Hubby and I went back to Tasmania to visit our folks over Christmas for a week.  It was lovely to have a break and let the grand parents look after the kids for a while ;-).  But when we returned we discovered that our freezer had been unplugged.  I am not even going to describe the smell that eminated from the freezer, but you can only imagine.  Remember it is summer here and we have already had 40 degree temperatures (104 degree Fahrenheit).  Anyway, yuck.

I should take this opportunity to warn you that this in not a post with pretty pictures.  It is about the tasks I have under taken in the past week, and I am yet to finish.  These are the ugly before photos.

The freezer got moved outside and emptied and cleaned (several times).  Below is the space left behind with me testing out the colour on the wall.

Meanwhile, Hubby decided to look at some of the post Christmas catalogues for any freezers on sale.  What he did find was a 50" plasma, and he tells me, they were vurtually throwing it away.  Apparently you are only robbing yourself if you leave it in the shops.  After a bit of research, we purchased a 50" plasma for the lounge room and still had a smelly freezer for the laundry. 

Off course this presented an opportunity to update the lounge room.  Take a look at our current tv cabinet...

I needed a new entertainment cabinet for the tv to sit on.  I ended up using the cabinet I bought for the kids playroom (see below picture), and bought another (from the post christmas bargains found at the local charity shop) to go in the kids room.  I was under strict orders from Hubby to not paint it white, as it wouldn't match anything in that room, and maybe I should paint it brown.  (I almost listened to him, and definately would have in the past).

Finally, after the laundry was painted and looking much brighter and fresher, the tiles were the wrong colour. So they needed to be changed up.

So there are the before pictures of my projects I have been tackling over the last few days. Oh and by the way, yesterday I ended up buying a freezer.  I was prompted by Little Angel, who opened the freezer (which is turned on but empty), and said "eeewww, that smells awful", enough said.

In short, because the freezer smells bad we need a new tv.

I will be back with the finished projects as they get done.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.


  1. Welcome back! I too had a rather long bloggy break and just got back into it today. I am so sorry to hear about he freezer disaster! What a terrible thing to come home to! That has happened to us too but it was due to a power outage. I hear you re the smell!

    Take care and have fun with all your projects. Sounds like 2012 is going to be busy!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Natasha, and so glad to read that you spent quality time with your family. Its improtant to spend time with those close to us, as who knows what will happen tomorrow. xx Sarah