Friday, 7 October 2011

The Study Part 2

I have finished the study to the point where I am happy to reveal.  Of course there will be some adjustments, but I am happy for now, and can move on to another project. You can see part one here

Did I keep it under $500?  The answer is yes, with a fair bit of change in my back pocket.

Sample pot$2.50
Brackets41.8 (10@$4.18)
Pine Boards37.92  (4@9.48)
Filing cabinet29.99
Door handles25.16
Door handles7.98
Jig Saw34.9
Sale of Shelves-20.5
Sale of Desk-79
Chalkboard Paint22.36
Masking Tape12.87
Furniture legs 42.68
Door Pulls25.16
Bunnings Gift Voucher-50
Liquid Nails3.9
Pine Moulding23.08
Total Spend$317.47

$182.53 left over.  Plus I still have a desk to sell.

Here are the Before and Afters

I had forgotten how bad it was before.  But I love it now.


  1. Hello from WA! I am new to your site and I really like what you did with the study! I hope you get to do all the little things you have been planning. Our house is slowly turning into a home too. Little by little, week by week, paint job by paint job. It is a very rewarding exercise though. good luck with your blog too. I would love to stay in touch:) God bless x

  2. Hey Karen, good to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement. I haven't attempted much home improvement in the past as I always believed you needed money, but I have since found that it is amazing the changes I can do with a little imagination, a touch of creativity, and a big chunk of "having a go". Good luck with your efforts too. xx