Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Study Part 1

Here is the first update of the study.

Just a quick reminder of the before from the same angle

And here is what I started with: 

This cabinet cost me $20 from the op shop.  All the drawers and doors were funtioning, but they had been drawn all over and it look a little yuck.  As seen below, even the inside was drawn on.

The cupboard below was also an op shop find for $29.99.  But this one the bottom drawer is actually a filing cabinet.  Yay, I was very pleased with this find.

I got them both home and then thought... mmm I wonder if they are the same height.  And I got lucky, they were.  The only problem was the desk top sat down over the top drawer of the filing cabinet and which meant that I couldn't get the drawer open.

So I cut an inch or so off the height of the drawer front.  (Which I butchered, so I had to cut a new front for the drawer)  Also the drawers didn't have handles but wooden sticky outy bits, so I cut them off too.  And ended up with this

A lick of paint (don't know what the colour is as it was a mistint pot at the hardware store and super cheap, but it is a very pale cream colour)  and this is what it looked like.

After some handles, and a little helping hand

It was moved into position.  The desk top is the top of an entertainment unit that I pulled to pieces. The unit is seen here

And the desk is put to use

Yep, there's my helper again

This is the other half of the room, that I don't want you to see yet...

Still a bit to go but I have come a long way in a week. Again the after picture

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  1. I love how you made the desk! It looks fabulous! Good luck finishing the room. It looks great so far!