Friday, 2 March 2012

We Have Moved \0/

Firstly let me thank all the lovely people who sent their kind thoughts during the move.

We have moved!!! And we came out the otherside, relatively unscathed.

Here is the house tour.  Sorry, no pretty pictures, but you will see the chaos we have lived in for the first week.

The above photo is of the entrance.  The house walls are green, but the phone camera has made them a blue green, in real life they are more olive.

The below photo is the view into a living area and at the back is the study.  Don't be alarmed, it still looks like that.  Picture it, I am sitting behind the pile of boxes as I type this.


This is the master bedroom. Yes, I slept on the floor for a week.

This is the spare bedroom.


Back to the entrance, and turn left you get to the dining room, with second living area at the back of the photo.

 Finally the kitchen.

The house is big, and has 9' ceilings.  It has lovely bones (if you can see throught the boxes that have been dumped).  Sadly, it is green.  We are only renting it (at this stage).  And because there is a chance the owners will be moving back into it, I wont be painting the walls.  In order to make this house my home, I will need to decorate around the colours.

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  1. Sarah, I'm pretty sure you can make this house your home! Even with green paint1