Friday, 10 February 2012

Moving Boxes


Where to get moving boxes???  Money is a bit tight at the moment, so hubby and I have decided on principle that we could spend money elsewhere instead of on moving boxes.

So where do we get boxes that are free? 

When we moved into this house 5 years ago, there was a removal company that offered free moving boxes, as long as they were returned within three days of the move in the same condition - and you didn't need to use them to move.  This same company offers similar service but you now have to use them for removals - they are not very cheap.

Here is my list of cheap/free boxes.
1. Freecycle.  This is a world wide website but you join up within your community.  People offer up goods they no longer want or need for free.

2 Friends. Ask around friends/neighbours/family/etc who have recently moved.  They may be happy to loan you some boxes or even give them to you.

3 Work/businesses.  Obviously depending on where you work, but many places of employment have various boxes that are just thrown out.  I utilised the local hardware store and the hospital where I work.  From the hospital, I got 30+ boxes all the same size (which is great for stacking and packing the truck), and although small, they were very sturdy and held our breakables and books.  The hardware store had some good quality bigger boxes.

4. Ebay or other secondhand sites. ok they may not be free, but they are cheaper than from the shops, and you can look for purpose built moving boxes.

We have one week to go.  Most of the packing is underway, and we have boxes coming out our ears!

Any other ideas of where to get free/cheap boxes from?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    You actually touched on the core source where most people get free boxes. I also found more tips for free moving boxes from this website.
    Good luck with your moving.

  2. We got most of our boxes from friends as we all moved countries at around the same time. When one family was done with the boxes, they passed them onto the next! You could also try Gumtree or the smalls ads as sometimes people advertise boxes for free too. God bless you all as you move x

  3. Choosing the best boxes will make your packing up easier and away from damage items during the transport. Segregate breakable and unbreakable items. Ask help from friends or relatives in packing up.

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