Saturday, 3 March 2012

Everything I know about chickens

... and that is not much.

We inherited 3 chickens (here in Australia they are also known as "Chooks").  The owner of the place left them behind.  I have always wanted chickens, but never got around to it.  But when we heard the owners wanted to leave them behind for us, I was so excited.

The first week we were here, the chickens didn't lay any eggs.  We hadn't got around to getting any "chook food", but we were giving them our table scraps.  Their coup was also disgustingly dirty, with chook poo everywhere - Yuck.

I don't know much about chickens, but I personally wouldn't want to lay any eggs in that place.  So I spent a Saturday morning, making it my business to make the chickens happy. 

I cleaned out their coup, and put down fresh sawdust.  Cleaned their water and feed bowls, giving them fresh water and I bought some laying pellets and mixed seeds.  I also made a nesting box.  At this stage it is just a cardboard box layed on its side with sawdust in it.  I have elevated it slightly off the ground. 

They have a roost, where they sleep at night.  By my little bit of research onto chickens, the roost should be higher than the nesting box.

So after one week of no eggs, this is what I got that Saturday afternoon...

Thats right, 5 eggs.  Sadly, they were not in the nesting box, but rather outside amongst a small blackberry bush.  But they still tasted just as good.

Every day since, we have had at least 1 egg, and the last 3 days they have increased production to 2 eggs per day.  They are still laying the eggs under the blackberry bush, and not in my nesting box. 

Funnily, I love my chickens, and I especially love the little clucking sounds they make - I find it very soothing and tranquil.  The kids also love feeding the chooks, and it is a special treat when they hunt for the eggs and find them. 

The above pictures were taken with my phone.  I really must find the box that has my battery charger in it so I can charge the camera batteries.

Take care until next time...


  1. Oooh! I love your chooks!I would love to have some too, but I wonder if the council will object? Do you need a special license? Nothing like fresh eggs and chooky noises to greet you in the morning. Enjoy! God bless x

  2. HI Karen, Because the new place is on 9 acres, we don't need special permission, but I believe that some councils can be a bit "thingy" about chickens in suburbia (especially roosters - because of all the noise. I was looking at hiring chooks (there is a company here in Melbourne that supply everything except food), you could start there if there is something similar in WA - that way if it doesn't suit, you could hand them back ;-)

    Take care xx