Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting to know the House.

I guess I had forgotten. but each house has their own bit of quirkiness. 

You know, the small stuff that you put up with, that don't really annoy you enough to fix. For example, the door that only locks when you hold the handle a certain way, but it never bothers you, because you know how to hold the handle, so it locks easy enough.

Anyway, we are trying to deal with this house's indiviualism.  The house is about 8 years old, and the owners have  lived here all that time.  But the ensuite didn't have a toilet roll holder.  Did they just sit the toilet roll on the ground??

 I bought a suctioned toilet roll holder, and it looks great.

The laundry door wouldn't lock.  To lock it, I thought I was going to break the key.  Our rental manager said, "yeah, I noticed it was a bit stiff".  That is the understatement of the year.  A little bit of filing and that door locks so easily now - the latch wasn't aligned to the lock.  A 2 second job (not an understatement).

There is a light switch in the kitchen that doesn't appear to turn anything on.  And a light in the kitchen that doesn't turn on (and yes I have change the globes).  I think the two should work together, maybe the wires are broken??

The ducted floor heating and cooling was only coming through one vent.  That was until we worked out that the four light switches at the front door controlled the vents (we just thought that they were another faulty light switch).

We have solar hot water, and for the first week we were here we had gorgeous hot sunny days, and bountiful hot water.  The second week, it rained constantly.  Day 2 of rain and we had no hot water, and couldn't find the switch to turn on the hot water back up.

There have been many more "getting to know the house" problems, however, I am feeling as though I am getting to know this house a little better.  Including the location of our water mains at the front gate.  Yep see that little green arrow, its down there, in amongst the trees. 
If you ever need to know, I will draw you a map. :-0

Until next time, take care xx

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  1. Oh that is so true. Also why is it that we put up with the things that are broken or don't work properly for years, and then if we decide to move, we get everything fixed? Enjoy the new place.