Friday, 20 January 2012

Before and Afters

Yes I have been MIA, but I have an excuse (again).  We are moving house.  An opportunity came up for us and, well, you only live once.  We are moving to rural Melbourne on 9 acres.  We are renting at this stage, just to see if we like the lifestyle - and who wouldn't??  Consequently, we have been madly trying to get this house up to scratch (i.e. finish off all the projects I have started), ready for someone else to live in.

This is just a quick post, with some before and afters. 

When I have a bit more time, I will go into a bit more details about some interesting repairs I have done along the way.  Bear in mind I haven't had time to stylise the photos (not that I am much good at that - yet), and I am still in the midst a lot of other projects.  Here is the up date so far.


Laundry Before
Laundry After (with new freezer)
Tiles Before

Tiles After (using tile paint)

 Lounge Room

Ugly Messy TV Cabinet and brown dresser with chipped drawers.
Newly Painted Cabinet (with hubby's new tv - I have hidden everything in the drawers and the DVD player is under the cabinet)
Ugly brown lounge suit that seemed too big for the room, plus cream cushions and cream walls, all seemed too brown. (forget that the room is messy)

Rearranged furniture has opened up the room, and the purple walls have toned down the browness of the lounge suit.
Looking from our front door, this is the sight you used to see.  That room through the arch is the kids playroom, and the toys just overflowed into the lounge.

Now looks much brighter and there is a place for the kids to put their toys away.

Just another picture, looking from the playroom back to the front door.  The entrance, I have painted virtually white (Dulux Antique White USA - for the Aussies), and it has just lightened and freshened the place up.

There are other projects going on, including packing and cleaning (which I am sure you don't need to see).  More updates will come about the remainder of the house tidy up, when I have a spare moment.

And if I am not back before 26th January, Happy Australia Day everyone. :-)


  1. looks great-what's that new paint color? congrats on your move.

  2. You are doing a fabulous job. I know how much work is involved and I wish you well with the move. Love the white painted furniture too! Happy Australia Day to you too. My hubby has his birthday on the 26th, so A/day is a double celebration for us:) God bless x