Saturday, 28 May 2011


This scooter was FREE.  Gotta luuuurve that bargain.  Didn't do a thing to it.  Oh and I got a bike too.  The bike is a bit big and needs a new seat and handles, so that is a project on my to do list.  Keep posted for that reveal :)

Any hoo, I've got side tracked.  Little Angel loves the  scooter, and scoots everywhere.

Oh oh oh, where did I get it??? Check it out.  There are freecycle communities everywhere, and there is bound to be one near you. 

I found it when I started decluttering.  I've tried to do the Ebay thing, but when you only get a couple of dollars for something, by the time you do the ad, take photos, get it posted, yadda yadda yadda, a couple of bucks is barely worth the trouble.  Least thats what I think.  I don't want to throw things away, some things are too good.  I have had good intentions of dropping them off at the local charity bin, but the bins are often overflowing, so I end up with garbage bags full of "stuff" in my car.  So now I have items cluttering up my car (sorta defeats the purpose of me decluttering). 

But NOW, I can list something I don't want, and have it collected by someone else.  I am totally Luuuurving freecycling (if thats a word).

Not only can you give your "stuff" a new home, but you can give someone elses "stuff" a loving home.  So my bargain this month is A "New" Scooter for Little Angel.  She loves it.
What bargains have you found?  What do you do with your unwanted things?

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