Thursday, 2 June 2011

Original Wire Lightfitting

I have noticed a lot of industrial styling creeping into decoration just lately.  And co-incidently, I have just recently stumbled upon a blog site that I absolutely luuuuurve, The Painted Hive, and I was inspired by a light fitting Kristine did for her nursery, which you can view here.  I loved the look of it, but really didn't give it another thought.

That is until... I spotted this beauty in an op shop

It was some sort of basket, but it screams light fitting to me.

So using Kristine's wire ceiling light as inspiration I took to my new basket with wire cutters.

I measured the diametre of the hole, by using the old light fitting

Marked the hole with a permanent marker, and got snipping with wire cutters

and installed

I love how the wavy wire makes purdy patterns on the walls when lit up.  I love the lightshade and it was so cheap ($4) and so easy.

So here is the (boring) before
and (amazing) after
Love it
Love it
Absolutely love it.

Cheers Sarah

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